Sunday, 5 August 2012

"Meanwhile, back on the farm..."

A sketchbook drawing done today, but posted on here as my other Blog is a bit clogged up at the moment with all the stuff I've posted lately. So here it is.

This was intended to be the rough for a colour piece, but... We'll see.


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

UTOPIA Redux - Shameless Promotion Dept...

Well, I know that I've neglected my Obscure UK Underground Blog for a while now. So, being underground & fairly obscure, I'd like to grab this opportunity and give you a "preview" of my next project (Some people use the term Flash in the Pan.)

Anyway, here are some quick colour roughs of my recent sketchbook drawings (I hear that it's so passe to colour inside the lines these days, dahling...) Just markers on screen prints to give an idea of the colour schemes.

I'm going to be drawing up the first 5 pages or so of my Utopia Redux comic book & pitching it around soon. I'm also planning some nice lookin' "art" prints based on the more interesting images from my latest stuff...

Whaddya think? There must be some peeling wallpaper or an embarrassing damp patch somewhere in your home that needs covering up...