Monday, 27 February 2012

Commander Thunder! Chris Welch Art

This was a (mostly) weekly strip written by Chris Rowley and drawn by Chris "Ogoth" Welch. It appeared in Sounds, a British music paper during the summer of 1977.

 ...This episode features a deadline-crunching jam with Chris and Hunt Emerson. 

Hunt Emerson/Forever People ad...

Here's a great ad by Hunt for Forever People comic store drawn circa 1977 and published in a British Fanzine (Fantasy Trader, I think...)

Hunt Emerson & Chris Welch - KAK 77

Interior page from the KAK 77 comic with Hunt and Chris Welch...

Sunday, 26 February 2012

More Vintage Hunt Emerson!

This is the front of a wraparound cover for KAK 77 By Hunt Emerson. There's old & rare stuff on the interiors by Hunt, Chris Welch and Bryan Talbot amongst others. Great stuff!

Seaside Postcard...

What's a "sea-side postcard" doing on a Blog about Obscure UK Undergound Comix? When was this done? And why??

"Who is Cubby Hole?"...

Good question. This was done as a two-tier weekly strip that wound up in my "Never-to-be-seen-again" pile. It was done in colour as it was part of the presentation/pitch.


I drew this after a local newspaper editor rejected samples of a "Cat and Mouse" gag strip that I submitted. Obviously, I wasn't taking criticism too well at the time...

This is scanned from a photocopy. The original was pen and ink with letratones on Bristol Board.