Thursday, 16 June 2011

Whoa!! It's... GRIM REMAINS!

Here's all 5 pages of the bizarre and brilliant Grim Remains (See previous post) by Hunt Emerson. Hunt has given me permission to post this up. Thanks Hunt!

So, enjoy it!

It's a rare treat.

Dogman ad & Female Machine Spot Illo...

You can probably still buy Dogman, from ebay, or somewhere, but I've never seen this ad anywhere other than the fanzine that I clipped it from years ago. It's one of my favourite Hunt Emerson cartoons. Likewise, the strange Female Machine... Wish I had the originals to these! If you're sellin' 'em, I'm buyin'!

Comix Plus Cover by Hunt Emerson

From 1977. This one still knocks me out when I look at it. A great fanzine cover. I used to look at this for hours on end...

Hunt - Self Portrait!

...I think that this was a self-portrait. It's the verso of the BEM cover posted a while ago on this Blog.

Streetcomix! Ad

Streetcomix was a great publication from Birmingham's Arts Lab Press, spearheaded by Hunt Emerson et al. This is one of Hunt's ads from a comics fanzine, c. 1978

Forever People Ad by Hunt Emerson

This is an ad for the old comic shop by Hunt Emerson from a c. 1977 fanzine. I scanned the whole page to show how Hunt's cartoons stood out from the crowd even then!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Steve Gibson 1985 "Alien" Portfolio

The early part of '85 was a bit slow for me with just some shitty commercial art jobs to put food on the table. I found an old Mad paperback and some Wally Wood EC stuff and did this portfolio.

Teenage Lab Monkey

Here's part of a comic strip. Not strictly from the '70s or '80's but an autobiographical piece. (Hey stop snoring over there!) I'm not a big fan of autobiographical comics, except Crumb and sometimes Chester Brown or David B. I've nothing against autobiography, I just like strong images and visual metaphors and most autobiographical comics don't deliver that.

Frankenplug Unplugged!

More sophisticated humour...